Publishing activities

The main publishing project of the Czech Zoological Society is to produce one volume each year of the international scientific journal Acta Societatis Zoologicae Bohemicae (in English) – see a separate page. Since 1971 till 1995, the Society has produced irregularly Zprávy České zoologické společnosti (Reports of the Czech Zoological Society – in Czech), which usually includes articles and resolutions of the congresses. Since 1992 the Society has edit the small publication “Informační zpravodaj” (Information Bulletin – in Czech), which provides information on the activities of the Society in the previous year and information about meetings, workshops and other activities of the Society planned for the current year. In addition, the Society publishes proceedings and abstract volumes of various meetings, conferences and seminars. More information on the publishing activities can be found in the annual report Informační zpravodaj České zoologické společnosti (in Czech).