Zoological days

The annual meetings called „The Zoological Days“ are currently the largest conference devoted to zoology in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The tradition of Zoological Days has gradually evolved. Beginnings may be found in the activities of two sections of the Czechoslovak Zoological Society, the ornithological and theriological, members of which, since 1969, have held each year a zoological conference in the former Institute of Vertebrate Zoology (now: Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic). Between 1969-1997, a total of 25 such meetings were held.
These conferences were held regularly in autumn of most years. Since 2002, the meetings have been held in February. Čestmir FOLK was the first organiser in 1968. He arranged meetings with help of his colleagues up to 1993. Since 1994 Jitka PELLANTOVÁ has organized these meetings with help of Anna PLESKAČOVÁ, Věra OPRAVILOVÁ and Jan ZUKAL. At present, the main organiser of the Zoological Days is Jan ZUKAL together with Josef BRYJA and Zdeněk ŘEHÁK. The conferences „Zoological Days“ are now held under the auspicies of the Institute of Vertebrate Biology, the Institute of Botany and Zoology of the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno and the Brno Branch of the Czech Zoological Society. Since 1992 the Abstracts or Proceedings of these conferences have been published in Czech.
A review of the conferences organized in the years 1969-1997 can be found in Skuhravá M. et al. (1997: 68-69).

Archive of Book of Abstracts (since 2002) find at: https://www.ivb.cz/vyzkum/zoologicke-dny/archiv-sborniky/.