Congresses and meetings

The Czech Zoological Society in the course of its existence organized the following congresses: the first in Opava (1951), second in Brno (1965), third in Poprad (1970), fourth in České Budějovice (1973), fifth in Brno (1976), sixth in Bratislava (1981), seventh in Ústí nad Labem (1986), eighth in Brno (1991) and ninth in České Budějovice (1997). Since then no other congresses have been organized. The congresses were replaced by annual meetings called “Zoological  Days”, which achieve the same aims and purposes of congresses: to meet colleagues, present results of current zoological research and plan future cooperative projects.

The archive of “Zoological Days – Book of Abstracts” find HERE.

International Congress of Zoology

The first International Congress of Zoology was held in Paris in 1889, since when they have been held every three years, international conditions permitting. By 2008, twenty congresses had been held in various countries of the world, most of them (17) in Europe, two in North America (Boston, 1907, Washington, 1963) and one in Asia (Beijing, 2004). During the the latter congress the International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS) was founded. The last congress took place in Japan (2016) – http://www.zoology.or.jp/2016-jointmeeting/. Current information about 23rd International Congress of Zoology find HERE.