About the Society

Research centres and related scientific societies

Members of the Czech Zoological Society teach at universities and high schools, work on research projects in institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, are employed by museums, research institutes, health centres, zoological gardens and are administrators of national parks, protected landscape areas, agencies for nature conservation and landscape protection and other organizations. Many members of the Czech Zoological Society are also members of related and affiliated Societies that deal with different groups of animals. Members of the Czech Zoological Society co-operate on various projects and research with members of affiliated and related Societies in the Slovak Republic, e. g.:

Czech Entomological Society
Czech Herpetological Society
Czech Limnological Society
Czech Society for Parasitology
Czech Society for Ornithology
Czech Society for Ecology
The Czech Bat Conservation Society
Czech and Slovak Ethological Society
The Terrarium Society

Slovak Zoological Society
Slovak Entomological Society
Slovak Ecological Society
Slovak Herpetological Society
Slovak Limnological Society
Slovak Ornithological Society
Slovak Society for Parasitology
Slovak Bat Conservation Society