About the Society


The Czech Zoological Society is a voluntary organization. Membership is open to every professional zoologists and people interested in zoology. You can join the Society by completing the application form (just in Czech). Each applicant has to be recommended by two members of the Society and the application approved by the members of the Committee. Rights and obligations of members of the Society are included in the Statutes of the Society.
One-year membership fee is 300 CZK (reduced to 50 CZK for students and 100 CZK for seniors). The payment can be paid directly to the secretariat of the Society (Prague 2, Vinicna 7) or by bank transfer to Česká spořitelna, Václavské náměstí 16, 111 21 Praha 1, Account No. 1922845389/0800. Please use your membership number to identify your payment.