About the Society

Branches and sections

The members of the Czech Zoological Society usually meet at sessions or meetings of branches or in professional sections. Below are the dates on which the four branches and twelve sections were founded. Some sections became independent of the Society, some ceased existence or formed separate societies. At present, only single section exists, i. e., Soil Zoology.


Brno, founded in 1956, with Sergej HRABĚ as chairman
Prague, founded in 1979, with Ivan HERÁŇ as chairman
České Budějovice, founded in 1985, with Jan PROKOPIČ as chairman
Ostrava, founded in 1990, with Vítězslav BIČÍK as chairman


1964 Protozoological, with Otto JÍROVEC as chairman
1967 Ichthyological, with Ota OLIVA as chairman
1968 Ornithological, with Karel HUDEC as chairman
1968 Teriological, with Jaroslav PELIKÁN as chairman
1973 Herpetological, with Evžen OPATRNÝ as chairman
1973 Evertebratological, with Jaromír VOJTEK as chairman
1974 Zoological gardens and museums, with Ivan HERÁŇ as chairman
1976 Ecology, with Jaroslav PELIKÁN as chairman
1979 Ethology, with Jiří GAISLER as chairman
1981 Protection of fauna, with L. BRTEK as chairman
1984 Soil zoology, with Josef RUSEK as chairman
1990 Pedagogy, with Miroslav PAPÁČEK as chairman


 Ichthyology Section

This Section was established as a part of the Slovak Zoological Society in Bratislava in 1967. The committee of the Czechoslovak Zoological Society agreed with its national scope. The first chairman was Ota Oliva and first secretary Juraj Holčík. Since then the Czech and Slovak ichthyologists have cooperated on various scientific problems. In 1995 this section was incorporated into the Czech Zoological Society. Members of this section organize various events, seminars and conferences. In 2018 the section moved to Czech Limnological Society.
More information available at: http://ichtyologie.agrobiologie.cz (just in Czech)

 Soil Zoology Section

This Section was established within the framework of the Czech Zoological Society in 1984 by Josef RUSEK, who became its chairman, and Václav PIŽL the secretary. It has a close association with the Institute of Soil Biology in České Budějovice. Since 1992, at two-yearly intervals it has held seminars on problems of soil zoology in České Budějovice. Since the fourth seminar held in 1997 it has published “Proceedings of the Central European Workshop on Soil Zoology”. There is a more detailed account of this section in Skuhravá M. et al. (1997), page 79 and at the website: https://www.upb.cas.cz/en/homepage/